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Signature Streetscapes & Green Alleys Project

The Little Ethiopia community stakeholders were honored to be asked to carry out the mission and the vision of the previous Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti by engaging our unique community through his Great Streets Initiative. The Great Streets Initiative birthed the infrastructure project now referred to as Destination Little Ethiopia Signature Streetscapes & Green Alleys Project.

In 2018 & 2019, while part of the Great Street Initiative, over 30 community engagement and outreach events were conducted to gather thoughts, preferences and ideas about what this community needs to fulfill its vision of a thriving and safe neighborhood. Those surveyed provided their feedback on what types of infrastructure amenities and which styles were the most appealing.

After disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, DLE was awarded a large federal grant to fund the improvements presented to the community. These improvements include:

  • Gateway Signage (welcoming residents to Little Ethiopia)

  • Curb Extensions

  • Midblock Crossings

  • Flashing Beacon Signals

  • Tree Plantings

  • Raised Landscaped Medians

  • Site Furniture (benches, trash receptacles, etc.)

  • Replacing Broken Sidewalk

  • ADA Curb Ramps

  • High Visibility Crosswalks

See the Concept Drawings below for more details:

The Green Alleys portion of the project allows for a re-imagining of public infrastructure that provides an engaging space while managing stormwater runoff and reducing the urban heat island effect. This green infrastructure not only turns a typically dilapidated public space into a climate friendly environment with small plantings and permeable materials that allow the runoff to naturally percolate into the soil. See conceptual maps below for more information:

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